Newborn Baby Photoshoot

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Designed for your newborn baby younger than 6 weeks old




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This session is specifically designed for the new arrival in your family. Every parent will tell you that babies grow incredibly quickly, suddenly that tiny little bundle that gripped your finger so tightly in their first few days is crawling around the place saying their first words. Newborn baby sessions catch them at that curled up squishy stage. From the fluff on the top of their heads, to their teeny tiny little feet this session is designed to provide you with images which will always bring back those first few weeks with your little ones.


Mum cuddling up to newborn baby boy

The session will last at least two hours allowing time for cuddles, feeds and cooing. I follow the baby’s lead and ensure at all times that they are snug and happy. The studio is a comfortable room with bathroom facilities, bottle making facilities available and breastfeeding is welcome. It’s kept warm and has soft seating for parents, and you are welcome to bring any snacks etc you feel you might need. I’m a mum of two, my monkeys are 5 and 3 so the teeny newborn baby days seem like a lifetime ago. I absolutely understand how hard it is to get out of the house in the first few weeks so I try and make the session as comfortable as possible. There’s no pressure, there’s plenty of tea and coffee, and the sofas have had the comfy seal of approval.


Newborn Baby girl on white blanket


I have a selection of props and comfy blankets as well as a variety backgrounds, and your own props are welcome too. You will be consulted regarding colours etc and can keep it as simple as you wish. This session is client led. Here you can see examples of the same baby – one taken on a plain white backdrop and the other with a milk pail set up with many props.  


Newborn baby in a milk pail


Siblings are welcome but please can you let me know at the time of booking. Usually the come for the first or last half an hour due to the length of a newborn baby shoot and the necessity to keep it a quiet relaxed environment for the baby. I always like to include shots with parents, this of course is optional but encouraged. Relaxed shots of you interacting with your little one will be something you treasure forever. Let me know if you have something special in mind! For more information or to ask a question feel free to get in touch.

Brother and sister cuddling up to newborn baby sister


young boy cuddling his new sister



Each session includes:

The session itself which for newborns can last 3 hours

Private online gallery to view, select and order your images

A 10×8″ mounted print of your choice

Option to purchase digital or printed images after  your session via your private gallery.


Other options include:

Professional prints in a range of sizes
Fine Art Canvas and Acrylic wall art
Professional handmade albums
Digital images on a beautifully presented USB

For a full price list please see here

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