Why book me?

Prepare yourself for slushy waffling…. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

So you’re planning your wedding – congratulations! At the moment it’s all excitement, ideas, pinterest, colour samples, cake tasting and hen/stag parties. Soon though the confetti will have settled, the dress will be in a garment bag at the back of the wardrobe, the cake will have been eaten, the room decor in boxes and you’ll likely have a new piece of jewellery on your left hand. What you’re left with is the photography, this is where I come in.

I love a good wedding. I love the colours, the people, the smiles, the emotion, the after dinner atmosphere, the dancing, the outfits. What’s not to like? I see myself as the story teller, I catch the moments that are kept  remind you of that epic day that you planed so much for. Mostly though, I love the love, that secret connection between two people is amazing to witness and I get a front row seat.

Taking my interest in photography further than a hobby was easy, I practised until my friends and family were sick to the back teeth of posing for me. I learnt about the camera, editing processes but most importantly I learnt about people. This led to portrait photography and ultimately to wedding photography. I don’t like gimmicks, I’m not a fan of fads, I want photos to last the ages and not to go out of fashion.  Finding my little niche was simple – I like things to be real to life – I take photos of the moments I see happening. Weddings are expensive, make sure your photography does your spending justice, Don’t be left with a bad photo of you in that amazing outfit!

Candid, relaxed, creative and the right amount of fun – that’s my aim!

Granny will ALWAYS want a nice posed photo, and group shots are so important, but otherwise I love to let the day set the pace and take photos of what I see happening. Relaxed portraits, night shots, silhouettes and the details have all become my signature images whilst my talents include smartening up cravats, placing buttonholes, doing up dresses, shepherding bridesmaids, entertaining the flower girls, and making a cracking cup of tea while we wait for cars to arrive.

I want to be part of your big day not just a photographer standing waiting for orders . I’d like to meet with you before any bookings are taken and at least once before the day. I also insist (yes, insist!) on a pre-wedding shoot so we can get rid of any photo-related nerves, have a chat and put any last minute details in place. It should be said that I’m a comedy genius and as you browse my images you’ll see some “dirty laughs” – the genuine mouth open proper big laughing laughs. My favourite type.

So, waffle over, congratulations on your engagement and getting your plans in place. Have a look at the blog, wedding gallery, Facebook, and maybe even Instagram. Hopefully you’ll see why I love my job so much. Now go go go, get in touch and tell me all about the two of you. We can meet up for a consultation If you’re lucky I might even include a cuppa.


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