Lanelay Hall – Bethan and Shane’s Summer Wedding

Bethan and Shane – Lanelay Hall

I suppose every couple checks the weather forecast for weeks in advance hoping for at least a dry day. Surely getting married mid August pretty much guarantees great weather, right? But alas! We live in Wales. Still, if there’s ever a venue to get married in with pretty much 100% rain promised it’s Lanelay Hall, a mansion based in Talbot Green near Bridgend, South Wales. It’s been lovingly restored with modern decor and facilities making each room a statement.

The most important ingredient of a wedding is a wonderful couple and their supportive families. These two lovely humans have already got two children and are uniting in marriage to celebrate their relationship and their family. Bethan and Shane are just lovely together. They work together in way that makes you feel relaxed in their presence.

Now, I’ve already mentioned the torrential rain that was forecast for the whole day…despite this (and one epic weather forecast app!) we managed everything we needed in the sunny spells. They say it’s lucky to have rain on your wedding day, this is one old wives tale I completely agree with. Wishing you a future of happiness and love xx

Just a few from this incredible day with the most lovely couple in a great venue. I hope you enjoy xx

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