Fairyhill, Gower – Lauren and Euros’ Winter Wedding

Lauren and Euros – Fairyhill, Gower


People ask often what it’s like photographing your friends. I’ll be honest – there’s always a degree of conflict. You know that your friends will be more comfortable with you, your shots will be more personal and knowing the families makes things slightly easier. On the other hand there’s a huge feeling that you won’t do them justice…

When Lauren and Euros asked us to photograph their wedding we were hitting the 10th year of friendship between Lauren and I. We’ve been through things together that most people wouldn’t have experienced until much later on in life – we lost a very beautiful mutual best friend. We have days that have cemented our friendship, we have memories that are beyond precious and will always bond us. Can’t lie – I was super nervous about this one. I just wanted everything to be perfect for the perfect couple.

You see, Lauren and Euros are just the cutest couple. He’s super chilled and she’s the worrier. He’s laid back, she’s the perfectionist. It’s so cute to watch them together. Now it’s no big secret that Lauren loathes having her photo taken. Loathes. Thankfully Euros is her calming influence and helped me on the mammoth task of getting this gorgeous girl to relax. Cheers mate! Lauren is Euros’ biggest cheerleader and together they just harmonise perfectly.

Despite the worry, our lovely bride has impeccable taste and brought together one of the most stunning weddings I’ve ever seen. Everything was perfect.

The day ran so smoothly, despite the rain. These amazing humans weren’t phased by a bit of our standard Welsh weather and if you look closely in the portraits you’ll see the raindrops adding some magic.


Thank you so much to you both, to your friends and family for making us so welcome. Here’s a few highlights…

“Dwy galon, un dyhead,
Dwy dafod ond un iaith,
Dwy raff yn cydio’n ddolen,
Dau enaid ond un daith”

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