Katie & Pip – De Courceys Manor, Cardiff, South Wales

De Courceys Manor, Cardiff, South Wales

The Couple – Katie and Pip

I met these gorgeous humans in a coffee shop in Penarth during their initial phase of wedding planning. Katie and I chatted everything except weddings and poor Pip was left literally holding the baby (who was only 4 months old at the time). Thankfully they booked and what developed was an incredible friendship. I have looked forward to this wedding for so long and also longed for it not to happen as I would no longer have an excuse to chat to Katie every day.. still two weeks later and we’re still chatting away.

Katie and Pip are meant to be. They are friends who happen to be in love which results in many great laughs and companionship. They are incredible parents to their tiny humans and their whole wedding revolved around keeping things as natural as can be so that the children were happy.

The Venue – De Courceys Manor

Always a firm favourite of mine. The couple wholeheartedly agree that this venue can’t do enough to help. From putting flowers on the groomsmen to making sure that the venue is totally wheelchair accessible, providing “free from” alternatives on the menu and generally being bloody brilliant bunch of staff. It provided the best backdrop for their wedding where the decor was kept clean, floral and crisp. The uncluttered backdrops allow your wedding themes to come through so strongly.

The Themes

This eclectic mix of music, florals, ruffles, blush pinks, neutrals, wood and blues came together beautifully. Some of Pip’s music tastes might be questionable (sorry chap!) but the dancefloor was absolutely full to bursting thanks to a well thought out Ska band. This one was hard to leave, we made so many friends and got treated like family.
Katie, Pip, you’re stuck with us for life. Thanks for such an incredible day!

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Here are some highlights:

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