Church Village Near Cardiff – Bethan and Shane’s Pre-wedding Shoot

Bethan Shane and Family

It’s been a busy few months for this little family and I think photos now mean more than ever. I invited the whole family along for short walk one evening for a quick catch up and a few stolen moments on camera. The first thing I say at pre-wedding shoots to my couple is that we always delete the first ten minutes of photos – we want to wait for those shoulders to drop, for them to get used to being photographed and for the real moments to come out. Totally didn’t have to delete a thing with these two. I pointed them in the direction I was shooting in and off we went. They are perfect together.

With families, I love to mess about. The more we tickle our children, blow raspberries on their cheeks and throw them in the air the more they smile and relax. These two tiny humans loved playing about and even though it wasn’t far off bedtime they showed me just how photogenic they are. Blessed little family!

I’m so looking forward to spending the day with them all this weekend at Lanelay Hall. I think it’s going to be a belter! Here’s a few little highlights:


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